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    Thread Repair Kits

    RS offer a range of thread repair kits, tools and inserts used to repair worn or broken threads. They can be used on any threaded tool that needs fixing, including anything from a screw to a machine bed or an engine manifold. Thread repair kit contents can vary depending on the style of repair you are looking for, but most at least contain taps, dies, drills, mandrels, thread inserts and tang break-off tools.

    How do they work?

    Thread repair kits can be used on stripped, damaged internal or external threads in order to restore them to their original condition but can also be used to protect and maintain useable threads from wear and tear. Depending on your requirements, thread repair kits could also be used to change your threads from metric to imperials/SAE and vice versa.

    What different types are there?

    Depending on the style of repair you prefer or the requirements for your specific application, you can repair your threads in various ways. These methods include using wire threaded inserts or by filing and re-tapping/rethreading your tools with taps, dies and drill bits.

    Which application would you use it?

    Thread repair kits are commonly used in the electrical, industrial, plumbing, and automotive sectors.

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