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    1/4 Socket Sets

    ¼ socket sets are tool sets that feature different types and sizes of sockets and bits for a ¼ inch drive. A socket is an attachment that fits onto a socket wrench, ratchet spanner, torque wrench, or another turning tool. It is used in order to tighten or loosen a fastener such as a nut or a bolt by turning it. Sockets and drives can be made from high-quality materials, such as forged metals, for strength and durability. These tools are designed to withstand the high torque needed to loosen or fasten nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

    Socket bits are tool attachments that fit into a drive shaft or power tool and can also be used for tightening and loosening nuts, bolts, screws, and other fastenings. Bits, like sockets, are sized according to their input dimension, not by the size of the output head; therefore a ¼ socket set might include a series of ¼ inch bits with different drive heads.

    Many ¼ socket sets include sockets of varying sizes, a spanner or shaft with a ¼ drive, socket bits, and an extension bar. The designation ¼ inch indicates that the spanner or shaft included in the set has a driver head of ¼ of an inch. This is an important distinction to make when buying accessories and supplementary bits, as only the ¼ inch bits will fit on the head.

    Socket sets are a convenient tool set to have on the job because they ensure that you always have the right size socket on hand without having to carry around excess tools. With just one socket set, you can complete an entire job, even if the job calls for tightening or loosening different-sized fasteners.

    RS carries a vast range of ¼ inch socket sets from just about every leading brand, including our in-house brand RS PRO.

    ¼ Inch Hex Socket Set

    ¼ inch hex socket sets differ from traditional socket sets in that they also include bit sockets. Bit sockets are head attachments with a hex-shaped male end that is used for tightening and loosening fastenings. In contrast, plain sockets have a female end. Most ¼ inch hex socket sets will contain both sockets and bit sockets, however, it is important to check the contents of each set before making a purchase to ensure that you get the right tools you need.

    ¼ inch hex socket sets serve the most use in industrial purposes, as heavy machinery and industrial-grade equipment will use robust fastenings that call for a hex drive to loosen or tighten it. Small slotted screws and bolts are easily turned using a Phillips head or flat screwdriver, however, those tools are insufficient for heavier-grade fastenings. Such fastenings will have a hex-shaped slot and thus will create more torque when force is applied because there are more contact points between the fastening and the bit.

    While some socket sets are suitable for hand tools only, ¼ inch drive hex bit socket sets serve additional uses with power tools. Hex bits fit neatly into power tools, such as a drill. Often, human-made force is not strong enough to properly tighten or loosen a fastening, making the use of a power tool necessary.

    What's Included in a ¼ Socket Set

    Ratchet Spanner Arm or Drive Shaft- Acts as the tool handle and contains a ¼ inch drive. Some of the different head attachments included in the set (that aren't sockets) are various arm extensions that make it easier to do work in hard-to-reach places.

    Sockets - Head attachments for the spanner arm or drive shaft that facilitate tightening or loosening bolts and nuts when torque is applied. Each ¼ socket set will contain multiple sockets in different sizes.

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