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    Crimp Tools

    Crimp tools, also known as crimping tools, crimpers, wire crimpers or cable crimpers, are hand tools used to attach connectors to wires or cables, ensuring a secure and reliable electrical connection. In addition to general electrical work, these tools are widely used in networking and telecommunications.

    Crimping tools typically consist of handles that, when squeezed together, operate jaws or dies with dedicated crimping profiles to hold the connector in place. This process, called crimping, creates a strong, reliable bond particularly in environments with vibration and movement. Also, some crimp tools have a ratchet mechanism to maintain consistent crimping pressure and ensure the connector is fully crimped before the handles are released.

    Types of Crimping Tools

    Crimping tools come in various configurations to accommodate different wire sizes, applications and connector types.

    Here are the main types of crimping tools and their typical uses.

    Mechanical Crimping Tools

    Mechanical Crimping Tools, also known as Plier Crimp Tools, are the most common type of crimping tools. They are handheld and manually operated, making them ideal for general electrical work, such as attaching connectors to wires and cables. These tools use the force applied by the user's hands to compress the connector onto the wire, creating a secure bond. These versatile tools are suitable for various wire sizes and connector types, including electrical terminals and coaxial cable connectors.

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools use hydraulic pressure to assist with the crimping process, making them suitable for larger cables and heavy-duty connectors. These tools are typically used in industrial settings where significant force is needed to crimp large-gauge wires. They also provide a consistent and powerful crimp, ensuring reliable connections in applications such as power distribution and heavy machinery. Their design often includes a pump and a set of interchangeable dies to accommodate different connector types and sizes.

    Pneumatic Crimping Tools

    Pneumatic Crimping Tools use compressed air to operate the crimping mechanism, offering an efficient and consistent crimping process. These tools are commonly used in environments where repetitive crimping is required, such as in manufacturing and assembly lines. And because they are known for their speed and precision, they can reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. They can handle a wide range of wire sizes and connector types, making them suitable for various applications, including electronics and automotive industries.

    Crimping Machines

    Crimping Machines are designed to automatically crimp large volumes of wires, making them ideal for production lines and mass manufacturing. These machines offer high precision and consistency, ensuring that each crimp is performed to the same standard. Crimping Machines can also be programmed for different wire sizes and connector types, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. For example, they can be used in the production of wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and other high-volume crimping tasks.

    Specific Connector Types

    Some crimping tools are designed to crimp specific connector types such as Ferrule Crimpers, RJ45 Crimping Tools and BNC Crimp Tools. Other crimp tools use interchangeable dies or jaws to accommodate different connector types for added versatility.

    Learn more in our guide to crimp tools.

    Industrial Applications of Crimping Tools

    Crimping tools are essential in various industries for creating secure connections. For example, in the electrical industry, they connect wires to terminals in control panels and wiring harnesses. Also, crimping tools are used for attaching automotive connectors to vehicle wiring systems. In the aerospace industry, precise crimping maintains the integrity of aircraft wiring. On the other hand, the telecommunications sector relies on crimping tools for terminating cables and connectors ensuring reliable data transmission.

    Buying Crimping Tools: Ordering & Delivery Information for Australia

    RS is a trusted distributor of crimping tools from brands like RS PRO, Molex, Phoenix Contact and TE Connectivity. Here are essential ordering and delivery details for Australia:

    Ordering Information:

    Buy your crimping tools online or call us on 1300 656 636.

    Delivery Options:

    • Next Working Day: Place your order before 5 pm AEST on a weekday to qualify. This option isn’t available for global stock and large items.
    • Same Day Delivery: Available on local stock orders placed before 11:45 am AEST (weekdays). Delivery address must be within the Sydney Metro area.

    For more details, contact Customer Service or visit our Delivery page.

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