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    Ionisers (also known as ionizers or air purifiers) are used to help keep the air in a cleanroom or gowning area free from contaminants and particles. Cleanroom ionisers are important as they remove the build-up of damaging static charges.

    RS offer a selection of ionisers from industry-leading brands including SMC, SCS, Desco Europe, and of course RS PRO.

    What is an Ioniser?

    Ionisers are designed to improve the air quality in indoor environments such as cleanrooms and gowning rooms. Ionisers are widely used in industries such as semiconductor production, design, and testing.

    How does an Air Ioniser work?

    They work by neutralising static charges by creating positive and negative ions. If a positive charge is present in the air it will attract the negative ions. Likewise, if a negative charge is present in the air it will attract the positive ions, and this is how the harmful static charge is neutralised. Ionisation is the only way to remove the charge from an insulative material object or product.

    What are the different types of Air Ionisers?

    Bench Top Ionisers Fan

    Bench Top ionisers are ideal for placing at the end of a workstation or bench. Small and compact they are an effective method for removing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic components. Benchtop ionisers have varying airflow rates and can have one or two fans


    Overhead ionisers are typically inside the entrance of a gowning room and at the entrance to a cleanroom. They work like a clean air shower and neutralise harmful static charges on personnel. The charged particles fall to the ground and can be cleaned away safely.

    Ionising Air Guns

    These devices are a great way of removing contaminants from parts before assembling. painting finishing or packaging. They work by blowing ionised air across surfaces to clean them. The guns are available as a handheld or fixed nozzle types.

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