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    Acoustic Insulation

    Acoustic insulation is a special type of material used when you need to soundproof an area. The acoustic insulation is designed to reduce the number of decibels (dB) or to absorb sound. There are many ways to reduce acoustic levels by using the appropriate material. You can learn more about this in our soundproofing materials guide.

    Sound Insulation or Sound Absorption?

    There are two main categories when it comes to soundproofing, sound insulation and sound absorption. Your application and the type of noise you are trying to reduce will determine the type of product selected. This could be from impact noise and vibration, airborne sound, noisy neighbours or general noise pollution.

    Insulating sound

    Acoustic insulation is used when you are trying to prevent noise from entering a room, this could be from an outside wall an adjacent room or rooms above and below. Acoustic insulation is often thick, very dense material placed between the wall, plasterboard, partition, ceiling or floor.

    Absorbing sound

    Absorption material is used when you are trying to reduce the noise or sound waves within a room. This could be from noisy machinery in a plant room or instruments in a music studio. Absorption material is lightweight and has an open and flexible structure. The design allows soundwaves to be absorbed and prevents noise reverberation off other surfaces. It is attached to the surface of the wall or ceiling. Absorption material can also be used to enhance the acoustic performance within a room.

    What are the different types of insulation?

    We offer a wide range of acoustic insulation and soundproof insulation reduce unwanted noise. Our products are suitable for many different applications.


    • Foam sheet
    • Foam panels
    • Corrugated panels
    • Acoustic insulation and foam
    • Self- extinguishing / non-combustible
    • Adhesive and non-adhesive backed


    • Offices and conference rooms
    • Music studios
    • Engine and plant rooms
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