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    Waterproof Junction Boxes

    Waterproof Junction Boxes, also known as a waterproof electrical box or an outdoor weatherproof box, are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Waterproof Junction Boxes are one of the most common types of electrical enclosure used in different types of industries due to their waterproof capabilities. They are a popular choice as they are long lasting, easy to set up, and protect a variety of cables in an electrical circuit.

    RS offer an extensive selection of Waterproof Junction Boxes from industry-leading brands including CE-TEK, Wiska, Schroff, Spelsburg, Rittal, Hensel, Bartec and of course RS PRO.

    How does a Waterproof Junction Box work?

    A Waterproof Junction Box provides points on entry for lighting & electrical cable and keeps them safe from weather, neighbouring materials and vandalism. Some key features include

    • Extremely long life
    • High efficiency
    • Low power requirements
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Safe and convenient

    What are the different types available?

    • Various modes of cable entry such as Knock Out, M32 & M25
    • Different levels of ratings from 11.5A up to 150A
    • Splashproof, weatherproof, and waterproof with ingress protection ratings including IP66, IP67, and IP68.
    • Lengths range from 62mm to 500mm
    • Widths range from 49mm to 405mm.
    • Colours range from black, grey to unpainted and everything in between
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