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    Panel Mount LED Indicators

    Panel mount LED indicators are durable lights with low energy consumption, with the capacity to be fastened to a flat surface or panel. This is usually done by threading the light through a hole in the panel and screwing it into place, though sometimes they come pre-mounted.

    What are panel mount LED indicators used for?

    Broadly speaking, LED indicators are used to emit a single colour of light in a variety of situations. They are often used in traffic signals, as well as in vehicle lights. Panel mount LED indicators are specifically used when you want the light to protrude through the front of the device, usually for aesthetic reasons.

    Types of LED indicators

    LED indicators come in a range of different colours and shapes, depending on their function. Some come already mounted to the panel, while others come with the capacity to be mounted. It is up to the user to choose the size and material of the panel based on the specific need.

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