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    Reflective Tapes

    Reflective tapes are strips of adhesive material which have light reflective properties. They have been designed to reduce accidents and save lives. Used in the correct way they can improve safety and increase visibility in the workplace which leads to less downtime due to fewer accidents. Reflective tapes have a smooth side and a self-adhesive coating on the other side which can be used to stick the tape to most clean surfaces. There are also lots of colours, lengths and widths available.

    Grades Available

    Engineering grade reflective tape – Low cost with various colour choices. Suitable for internal and external applications. It has no pattern and is a simple solid colour to the naked eye.

    Class RA2 reflective tape – Retro-reflective high intensity tape which is durable. These tapes reflect light using thousands of small glass beads that are embedded into the tape.

    ECE 104 reflective tape – High intensity prismatic tape which offers exceptional night time visibility. Light is reflected through small micro prisms built onto the tape.


    High visibility tape is used by cyclists to keep them safe at night or on large commercial vehicles. They are also ideal for outdoor use such as making bollards and fence posts more visible. Prismatic reflective tape is used for marking navigational buoys, channel markers, dayboards and other equipment which are likely to be subjected to extreme ocean conditions. Flame resistant reflective tape can be attached to flame resistant fabrics like fire coats and coveralls. They are able to withstand excessive heat and flames.

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