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    Contact Adhesives

    Contact adhesives depend on polymers that display the capacity to attach to themselves as dry glue films (auto-grip). You can glue together different materials such as carpets, vinyl, cardboard, or rubber. Contact adhesives work very well in the woodworking industry when bonding High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) to other wood surfaces such as particleboard of plywood. They are available in liquid form with the liquid being either solvent or water. Solvent systems can either be flammable or non-flammable. These products can be either spray or brush applied.

    Our range of contact adhesives are sourced from leading brands such as; 3M, Alpha Adhesive Sealant RS Components Ltd, Bostik, Gorilla Glue Europe RS Components Ltd, Loctite, Raytech and RS PRO.

    Advantages of Contact Adhesives

    • High shear strength
    • Resistant to the voltage spikes
    • Simple application
    • Excellent adhesion to non-porous materials
    • Fast-drying
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