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    Wera – Be a Tool Rebel!

    The Spirit of Rock ’n’ Roll has been ingrained in Wera’s DNA for some time and has provided the bedrock for their inspiration – the Tool Rebel gang was born.

    Who are these Wera Tool Rebels?

    Internally, they include passionate product development teams who constantly look for new and often rebellious ways to develop new tools.People who aren’t afraid to challenge existing standards. Those who are driven to make lives easier, safer, and full of joy.

    Featured products

    Kraftform Kompakt W 1 Maintenance

    Kraftform Kompakt W 1 Maintenance, 35 pieces

    • Incredibly fast 1/4" Zyklop speed ratchet with pivoting ratchet head and 5 predefined locking positions
    • Manual and power tool sockets (non-impact) with ball-stop groove and knurling at lower end for more grip
    • VDE-insulated Kraftform holder and interchangeable blades in robust textile pouch
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    Tool-Check PLUS

    Tool-Check PLUS

    • Convenient direction change thanks to switchover lever
    • Fine-pitched ratchet mechanism and small return angle of 6°
    • Very robust without any restrictions on torque
    • Quick-release chuck with Rapidaptor technology
    • 'Take It Easy’ tool finder identification marks, with colour coding by si
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    Tool-Check Plus - The Multitool

    Ratchet, bit, nuts and hand holder in the smallest space. Perfect as a universal companion with a wide range of screwing applications. Combines filigree design with incredible robustness.