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    Teng Tools | Get Organised

    TengTools offers hand tools in smart storage solutions for demanding professionals within the automotive, maintenance and engineering sectors as well as motor sport enthusiasts who aspire to use the same tools as top mechanics across the globe.Success is born out of organisation. With the TengTools ‘Get Organised’ system you can build your ultimate tool kit in 3 simple steps. Choose your storage, choose your tool trays, click together.

    TengTools Get Organised

    Get Organised with TengTools

    • Tool trays are supplied with removable plastic lids
    • All trays can be used in the Get Organised system
    • Remove the lid by opening the lock & pulling the lid out of the hinges
    • The tray can now be inserted into the drawer of your chosen storage
    • All tool trays click together securely storing tools in an organised system
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    Teng Tools - Get Organised

    By organising your tools you not only gain efficiency and save valuable time – it makes it easier to inventory, it reduces your costs and increases yours and others safety.

    Teng Spanners & Sockets

    Cutters & Pliers

    From long nose, waterpump and combination pliers to cutters and wire strippers, Teng have a product for you,

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