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    Alpha Wire

    Alpha Wire

    711 Lidgerwood Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07207-0711, United States of America
    Alpha Wire

    Alpha Wire

    For over 95 years, Alpha Wire has developed wire, cable and accessories designed to offer superior performance and reliability across demanding applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor to advanced medical device cabling, Alpha Wire products can meet and exceed your customers’ requirements.Alpha Wire provides the best solutions to production and manufacturing challenges with small put-ups, custom cable development, logistical excellence, and broad inventory availability.

    Featured products

    Space Saving Coaxial

    Space Saving Micro-Coaxial Cable

    • Exceedingly small and light weight
    • 90% shield coverage for excellent EMI protection
    • Up to +200°C temperature range
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    Smaller lighter zero halogen

    EcoCable® Mini 300V Communication Cable

    • Up to 32% smaller and 44% lighter than standard PVC cables
    • Better performance in a smaller, lighter communication cable
    • Environmentally-friendly cable featuring 92% lower outgassing
    • 100% recyclable mPPE insulation and jacketing
    • Contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals
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    EcoCable Mini, the smallest solution to your biggest cable problems.

    By combining better performance and minimum environmental impact, EcoCable Mini uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provide all of the advantages in a smaller, lighter cable.

    space saving wire mPPE

    600V Metric EcoWire®

    Up to 45% smaller and 40% lighter than PVC alternatives, Metric EcoWire® saves space when space is at a premium in metric applications.

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