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    Renewable and Energy Efficiency

    Alternative and renewable energy solutions are vital to a sustainable and low carbon world. Adopting renewable energy technology now and designing in ever greater energy efficiency will ensure your product designs are both sustainable and future-proofed. We have showcased various examples of products and components which can help you embrace the benefits of a renewable energy efficient future.

    MCP3913 Analog Front End

    MCP3913 Analog Front End

    The Microchip MCP3913 device is a six-channel Analog Front End with advanced security features and is ideal for energy metering applications

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    Microchip dsPIC33EPXXGS50X DSC


    The Microchip dsPIC33EPXXGS50X DSC is designed for switch-mode power supplies and other digital power-conversion applications.

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    TE Connectivity T9V Relays

    T9V Relays

    TE's Potter & Brumfield Power PCB relay T9V series is an ideal solution for disconnect switch applications, including EV charging stations.

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    Broadcom ASM6 Horticulture LEDs

    ASM6 Horticulture LEDs

    The Broadcom ASM6 series of high-power LEDs are energy efficient and can be used for agriculture lighting, vertical farming and more.

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