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    Oscilloscope Adapters

    Oscilloscope adapters are important accessories for Oscilloscopes which are the most used instrument for electrical engineers, measuring characteristics of electronic devices. Oscilloscope adapters are connectors to an oscilloscope and adapt anything from a mains input power supply, including car power supply adapters for handheld oscilloscopes to connecting banana plugs to a BNC adapter. Adapters are important Oscilloscope accessories adding to an oscilloscope signal, measurement and performance.

    RS work with major electrical test and power measurement accessories equipment manufacturers, including Fluke, Keysight Technologies, Tektronix and the RS PRO brand, all recognised for their expertise in delivering performance within the industry. Our range includes calibrated Oscilloscope adapters with ISOCAL and LATCAL certification.

    Types of Oscilloscope Adapters

    • BNC (adapter male and female).
    • BNC (Adapter boards).
    • Banana adapters (BNC / dual with cable).
    • Car Adapters (handheld Oscilloscopes).
    • GPIB (GPIB/USB).
    • Ohm Adapters.
    • Power, signal, temperature adapters.

    We advise which model of Oscilloscope or Oscilloscope probe an adapter is to be used with.

    The RS accessories range for Oscilloscopes goes beyond an adapter for an oscilloscope including:

    • Software.
    • Probe (active, gripper, various MHz).
    • Probe accessories (BNC, clamps / probe).
    • Modules, kits, cable, battery packs.
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