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    Internal Micrometers

    Looking for Internal micrometers then we are sure to have the ideal solution for you. Our extensive range is easy to browse with updated filters that help you find your ideal solution. Internal micrometers are also known as inside micrometers, they take precise measurements of the inner diameter of parts such as tubes and bearings.

    How does an Internal Micrometer work?

    It's important to learn how to use micrometers correctly, especially analogue micrometers. Internal micrometers are designed with locking anvils, barrel scale, and a thimble scale. During operation insert the micrometer anvils into the object cavity and adjust the length by turning the thimble clockwise this separates the anvils until the opposing sides meet the inner diameter wall. To read the measurement combine the barrel scale and thimble scale.

    A digital internal micrometer is easier to use, the operating principles are the same as analogue micrometer except the LCD unit reads the measure for you.

    Measuring scales

    The internal micrometer has the measuring scale labelled on the device, you take the readings from the barrel scale which has two measurement points; above and below the line. Above is mm and below is 0.5 mm. The thimble also has marking measured to the nearest 0.01mm.

    Measurement example

    • Barrel scale: 10 mm + thimble scale: 0.25 mm = Inner diameter measurement of 10.25 mm


    Internal micrometers are professional hand tools used by engineers in metalwork fabrication, test and measure applications, and quality control.

    Why would you choose RS for Internal Micrometers?

    We support technical engineers with quality Internal micrometers sourced from leading brands such as Mitutoyo, Starrett, and RS PRO.

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