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    On off Rocker Switches

    On-Off rocker switches are a type of rocker switch that is on in either the left- or off in the right-hand position. The panel mount switches are versatile and are used in many industrial, commercial, or domestic applications. On-Off rocker switches have a momentary or latching switch operation, each type working in a different way.

    RS offer a great selection of high-quality on-off rocker switches from well-known brands such as APEM, Arcolectric, Bulgin, TE Connectivity and of course RS PRO.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Illuminated and Non-illuminated versions
    • AC or DC voltage ratings
    • Single pole (SPST) or Double pole (DPST) contact configurations
    • Quick connect, solder or PCB pin terminations
    • IP Ratings including IP40 splash-proof to IP68 sealed

    What is the difference between momentary and latching operation?

    Latching rocker switches are activated by the user and will remain in any of the on positions and will remain in that position until it is switched off. They are also known as maintained or stay put.

    Momentary rocker switches are activated by the user and will only remain in the on position while force is applied to the actuator. As soon as the force is removed the switch will return to the off position. Switches are often displayed like (on)-off. Anything with brackets is momentary or sometimes called spring return.

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