Bandages are strips or pieces of material used for wound management. First aid bandages are a key staple of first aid kits and can be utilised until full treatment is available. Sometimes the term bandage is used interchangeably with dressings, but dressings are applied directly to a wound whereas bandages are not.

Uses include:
  • Covering dressings
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Holding dressings in place
  • Restricting the movement of limbs
  • Supporting injured joints and limbs
  • Providing ongoing pressure

Common Types of Band
  • Roller bandages: Roller bandages are normally made from lightweight, breathable cotton gauze, crepe or elasticised crepe. They come as a tightly wrapped cylinder. Crepe and elasticised crepe bandages are ideal for applying firm pressure or supporting an injury while the lightweight cotton alternatives can easily hold a dressing in place.
  • Triangular bandages: Triangular bandages are made from a thick cotton material, or calico, and are triangle shaped. They are most commonly made from a square metre of material that has been cut in half diagonally. The material is soft and offers padding and protection. Triangular bandages are used for making slings and for immobilising soft tissues injuries and broken bones. Triangular bandages (sometimes called cravat bandages) are often provided with safety pins to help the bandage be secured into place.
  • Tubular bandages: Tubular bandages are manufactured from a close weave, stretchy cotton material and are normally available in a blue or white colour. Tubular bandages are used as compression aids to support limbs, reduce swelling and help to dissipate fluids. Sometimes cage applicators are needed to apply the bandage.

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