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    SAMD21 is a compact yet powerful microcontroller (MCU), ideal for use in a wide range of automation, consumer and industrial applications. SAMD21 microcontrollers offer a low power, high performance embedded flash MCU solution.

    Why use an SAMD21?

    SAMD21 microcontrollers offer a range of advanced features, making them highly a versatile and practical choice. Many of the key benefits of an SAMD21 MCU include:

    • ARM® Cortex-M0+ based MCU running up to 48 MHz
    • Large Memory
    • Fast Operating Speeds
    • Sensitive Voltage Measurements
    • Full-speed USB device and embedded host
    • RTC (Real Time Clock) Onboard
    • Configurable Serial Interfaces

    How many pins do SAMD21 microcontrollers feature?

    SAMD21 MCU's are available with several pins ranging from 32 to 64.

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