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    Code Locks

    A code lock is a mechanical or electronic push-button combination lock that can be used on doors, cabinets and lockers. These types of locks are Ideal for securing confidential documents, hazardous materials or controlling access to certain areas. Code locks also known as digital locks are keyless for extra security. RS offer a range of high-quality security code locks from leading brands including Codelock, Briton and of course RS PRO.

    How do the combination locks work?

    The locks are easy to operate, simply program your own user code into the keypad, codes are set with between 4-8 digits, Once the code is set the user punches in the correct code into the keypad and gains access to that area.

    What are the different types of Lock?

    Electronic locksElectronic locks are usually battery or mains powered and have an automatic lock release system upon correct entry of a code. Several benefits to using an electronic lock are there are no keys to lose and only require you to push open the door once you correctly input the code.Mechanical locksMechanical locks are more manual and require the user to twist open the handle once they have input the correct combination code into the pushbutton lock.

    Where are code locks typically found?

    Code locks are used where ever extra security is required. The access control devices are used in a vast range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications and environments. Some of the most common areas are:HospitalsSchoolsLaboratoriesOfficesWarehouses

    What are the advantages of using a codelock?

    Requires no keys that could easily be lost or copiedCodes can be changed regularly for extra securityLocks are tough to breakLow maintenanceManufactured from robust materials including stainless steel, aluminium and steel

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