Security Alarms, Detectors & Accessories

Alarms, sensors, entryway systems and access controls form the backbone of everyday security protocols for safety-conscious homes and businesses. From commercial premises to industrial facilities, domestic security to personal safeguards, we stock a wide range of tools and accessories to help keep you and your property protected.

Selecting the best type of security alarms, detectors and accessories:

All our alarm systems can be hooked up to work with a variety of alarm sounders and strobes, depending on the needs of the individual and their environment.
  • Alarm systems - perhaps the most widely used security measure in most homes and business premises, alarm systems help secure entry points and specific areas against unauthorised access. They’re easy to install, can be battery-operated or wired to the mains, and can be set up to work with PIN codes to allow access for family members or staff. We stock a number of different alarm types including full home burglar alarms, commercial burglar alarms, and alarm systems for monitoring specific doors or windows,

  • Personal alarms - these range from wall-mounted personal security and panic alarms, to battery-powered personal assistance alarms and accessories. They offer added safety for workers operating in potentially hazardous environments like warehouses, cold storage or underground spaces, as well as for individuals who may require assistance in everyday situations such as using a disabled bathroom.

  • Keypad locks and secure door entry systems - ideal for restricting zone and property access to authorised personnel, keypad locks and door entry systems can be set up to work with one or more doors at a time. Security locks can be triggered mechanically or digitally in response to a variety of inputs (numerical code, ID card, electronic key fob, or biometric trigger e.g. fingerprint recognition).

  • Security system accessories - our range includes a wide selection of upgradeable and replaceable parts for your home or business security systems, including:

    • PIR sensors (ideal for use as part of a wider CCTV and surveillance setup)
    • Access control door magnets and door strikes
    • Door release entry/exit buttons
    • Alarm pull cords
    • Alarm door and window switches
    • Water/flood alarms
    • Property markers, UV scanners and counterfeit detectors
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