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    12V AC Adapters

    When you want to use an appliance that requires a 12V DC power supply, you will need to be using a 12V DC adapter. Different appliances come along with different input voltage ranges. You need to make sure that you provide the correct DC voltage input. This will help you to ensure the proper functionality of the DC powered appliance.

    How does a 12V DC adapter work?

    The main functionality of a 12V DC adapter or 12V DC output adapter is to convert AC voltage into DC voltage. In here, the AC voltage is converted into 12V DC voltage. DC current refers to a current that is flowing only in one direction. There aren't any changes to polarity or the frequency in DC current. If you supply 120V AC current to the 12V DC adapter with 60Hz, you will end up with getting 12V DC voltage with 60Hz.

    You should also keep in mind that a DC adapter is usually rated for a maximum power output. This is defined in watts. It would determine the maximum amount of current that the DC adapter is capable of processing. For example, a 12V DC output adapter that is rated for a maximum power output of 36W would be able to deliver a 12V DC 3A current output. In here, current will be kept as a constant.

    Buy your 12V DC power supply from us

    If you are searching for a new 12V DC power supply, you may simply take a look at what we offer. Whether you are searching for a 12V DC 2A, 12V DC 1A, or 12V DC 3A power adapter, we got you covered. It is up to you to decide whether you need a 1A power supply, 2A power supply, or 3A power supply based on your needs.

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