Pneumatic Air Preparation

We stock an extensive range of pneumatic air preparation equipment including regulators, fittings, filters, and hose assemblies as well as essentials for system builders, like air guns and seal kits.

The importance of air preparation in a pneumatic system

Pneumatic air preparation equipment is designed to ensure that within a pneumatic system all of the components receive a steady rate of clean compressed air flow that is clean from moisture and oil. This allows for any pneumatic process to perform effectively and achieve optimum efficiency whilst also offering protection.

Types of air preparation equipment

  • Filters - primarily used to filter particles or moisture from the air flow to stop interference from contaminants downstream in the system. Air filters are available in different sizes dependent on the particle size that needs to be removed.
  • Regulators - these are air pressure reducing valves used for regulation of pressure and flow, responsible for maintaining a consistent output pressure regardless of the input pressure or flow rate.
  • Lubricators - used to help with preventing friction so that the pneumatic components work effectively and reduce wear and damage. Oil lubrication is a common method used where oil-fog lubricators disperse oil particles into the compressed air stream in the form of mist.
  • Combination units - air preparation systems are available that feature multiple types of equipment in one system that can save precious space. These combination systems are available as a 2 piece unit of a filter and regulator, known as FR assemblies or systems. As well as a 3 piece unit of a filter, regulator and lubricator, known as FRL assemblies or systems.

All of these devices are available in different sizes, so to ensure precision and reliability it is important to check they are compatible with the fittings in the system. By taking the steps to prepare the air before it is used within a pneumatic system will help you to keep your systems running with maximum results and extend your machine and equipment service life.

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