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    Motorised Valves

    From the garden hose that you have at home to large scalehydroelectric power production plants all use valves to control the flow of fluid. While valves are too big to effectively open or shut by hand, are located in distant, inaccessible areas, or must work when facilities or installations are unattended, valve actuation may, nevertheless, provide logistical challenges. Utilizing the motorized valve is the solution to these issues. Except an electric motor acting as the actuator, this kind of valve operates precisely like a manual one. An human or automated system inputs may remotely open or shut this sort of valve.

    What exactly is a motorised valve?

    A motorised valve is a kind of valve whose mechanism is operated by an electric motor. This kind of valve is best suited for extremely large valve kinds or remote fluid management applications like automatic fire suppression, irrigation for agriculture, and deicing for airplanes. Most valve types, including the gate, ball, and butterfly, are appropriate for motorized applications. In remote flow applications wherein system inputs need incremental valve action, the motorised valve is also perfectly suited. The internal fluid control systems of motorised valves are often the same as those of their manual equivalents; the main difference between the two is in the inputs for valve actuation.

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