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    3 Way Ball Valves

    When you are looking forward to purchasing multi-port ball valves, you will come across few different options. Out of them, 3 way ball valves hold a prominent place. In fact, 3way ball valves are the most common multi-port ball valves that you can find out there as well.

    What exactly is a 3 wavy ball valve or a valve 3 way?

    A three-way ball valve is a type of popular multi-port valve with three ports of entry points that are connected to piping or tubing for gas or fluid to pass through. These ports are usually described as one inlet and two outlet ports or one outlet and two inlet ports depending upon the flow direction through the valve. 3 way ball valves are a cost effective way to control shutoff and flow paths within a single valve body.

    Depending on the internal design of the valve the following can be achieved; total restriction of flow, blocking of one outlet and allowing flow to continue in another direction, flow from one inlet directed to two destinations, diverting of flow from one destination to another and the mixing of two different fluids from different sources. 3 way ball valves are commonly used as shut-off valves, diverting valves, by-pass valves, selection valves or directional valves with the help of an L-type ball. The ability of these ball valves to blend fluids from more than one inlet makes them ideal for heating and cooling different media such as water, oils, and chemicals.

    How do 3 way ball valves work?

    Now you have a basic understanding on what a valve 3 way is all about. While keeping that in mind, let's take a look at how these 3 way ball valves work. You can find two main types of 3 way ball valves available in the market.

    L-pattern 3 way ball valves

    The first type of 3 way gate valve that you can find is the L-pattern style. These valves can shift the flow from one position to another through rotating the actuator or handle by an angle of 90 degrees. For example, turning the valve by 90 degrees will help you to divert the flow to a direction that is located 90 degrees. Likewise, you can rotate it for 180 degrees and completely rotate the flow. You will also be able to obstruct the movement of the flow by rotating the 3 way ball valve for 270 degrees.

    T-pattern 3 way ball valves

    These 3 way ball valves are known as mixer valves. That's because they are designed to mix two different mediums through the inlet flows. You will be able to open all three ports at a given time. It is also possible for you to use this type of a 3 way ball valve as a diverter. Hence, they are working in the form of L-pattern 3 way ball valves as well.

    What are the benefits of 3 way ball valves?

    There are some key benefits that you can get out of 3 way ball valves. For example, they are in a position to open and close without any friction. Due to the same reason, you will need to use less torque in order to turn the valve. Due to the presence of online maintenance, you will be able to save money and time as well. Another great feature that you can find in these valves is their self-cleaning mechanism. Hence, you can keep the valves free of debris at all times.

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