Metal Oxide Varistors

What are they?
Metal Oxide Varistors, more commonly known as ’MOVs’ are devices that provide excellent transient voltage suppression. They are a type of non-linear device that feature similar characteristics to Zener diodes. They are used to protect vulnerable electronic circuits and components from overvoltage conditions that can cause damage. Any potentially destructive overvoltage energy is dissipated as heat.
Metal oxide varistors are typically constructed from zinc oxide and combined with small additions of other metal oxides such as cobalt, magnese or bismuth. These materials are sintered into ceramic casings during manufacture. Although MOVs are available in different formats, they are most commonly radial leaded discs.
• Suppression of lightning and other high levels of transient energy
• Low voltage power supplies in DC circuits
• Low voltage power supply in automotive applications
• Protection from internal transients within capacitor discharges, relay switching and inductive load switching

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Description Price Varistor Voltage Maximum AC Voltage Rating Maximum DC Voltage Rating Clamping Voltage Clamping Current Energy Series Diameter Maximum Surge Current Capacitance Length Depth Thickness Dimensions
RS Stock No. 316-5964
Mfr. Part No.TNR10V471K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
470V 300V 385V 775V 25A 60J - 11.5mm 3500A 220pF - - 6.2mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 6.2mm
RS Stock No. 316-5942
Mfr. Part No.TNR10V470K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
47V 30V 37V 93V 5A 5.6J - 11.5mm 1000A 4nF - - 5mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 5mm
RS Stock No. 316-5891
Mfr. Part No.TNR5V470K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
47V 30V 37V 104V 1A 1.1J - 11.5mm 250A 1.14nF - - 4.5mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 4.5mm
RS Stock No. 316-5958
Mfr. Part No.TNR10V271K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
270V 175V 225V 455V 25A 35J - 11.5mm 3500A 350pF - - 5.2mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 5.2mm
RS Stock No. 316-5908
Mfr. Part No.TNR5V271K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
270V 175V 225V 415V 5A 8J - 11.5mm 800A 100pF - - 5.1mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 5.1mm
RS Stock No. 316-5936
Mfr. Part No.TNR10V220K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
22V 14V 18V 43V 5A 2.6J - 11.5mm 1000A 7nF - - 4.7mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 4.7mm
RS Stock No. 316-5970
Mfr. Part No.TNR10V821K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
820V 510V 760V 1355V 25A 80J - 11.5mm 3500A 140pF - - 8.1mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 8.1mm
RS Stock No. 316-5885
Mfr. Part No.TNR5V220K
Each (In a Pack of 5)
22V 14V 18V 48V 1A 0.5J - 11.5mm 250A 2.09nF - - 4.5mm 11.5 (Dia.) x 4.5mm