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    Lighting Mounts

    Lighting mounts are a type of bracket that secures various different types of light bulbs including LEDs, fluorescent lamps and Edison light bulbs.

    What do lighting mounts do?

    Lighting mounts secure different types of lightbulbs to ensure that they are safely and accurately positioned ready for use. There are a wide variety of different lighting mounts available as different types of light bulb design require special mounting types to accommodate them, and certain ptypes also have additional safety features.

    Types of lighting mounts

    Weatherproof light mountings

    This type of lighting mount acts as a sealant to prevent water from coming into contact with electric lighting circuitry.

    Bi-pin light mounts

    This type of mount is common for downlights, and are typically used with halogen bulbs.

    Cable mounts

    These types of mountings are particularly common for areas with high ceilings and where movable task lighting is required.

    Fluorescent tube light mounts

    A variation on the bi-pin mount, these are designed for mounting fluorescent tube lighting.

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