GLS LED Lamps are your traditional type of lightbulb with its classic, pear like shape and is the most common type of bulb available today.
How do they work?
Much like any other type of bulb, they are mounted to the bayonet cap, usually a B22D or BC with a push and twist type motion.
Features and benefits:
● Different colour tones: Warm white, Daylight, Cool White and more
● Varying degrees of luminosity
● Long shelf life
● Different types of viewing angles are available for great light distribution
● EU Energy Efficiency Ratings from A to A++
● Certain GLS lamps are dimmable
● No toxic elements, compliant disposal is easy, protecting the environment
● Easy push and twist installation
● Compatible with common B22D, BC or E27 bayonet caps (depending on your region)
Where might I use one?
● In your home as a replacement to less energy efficient bulbs
● Businesses or workplaces to replace toxic mercury filled fluorescent strip lights

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