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    Bit Holders

    Bit holders are accessories used for turning tools to facilitate the tightening or loosening of fastenings like nuts, bolts, and screws. Bit holders describe the connector piece between the turning tool, such as a ratchet spanner or power tool, and the bit.

    The classification "bit holder" covers an extensive range of accessories, including the following:

    Power Drill Bit Holders - These bit holders are constructed to work in tandem with a power drill and are designed with both a male and female end. Some bit holders will come magnetized so that they can easily attach onto the fastening. In addition, some might also have a locking mechanism or might be rated for high-impact.

    Handled Bit Holders - Common for both professionals and home DIYers, handled bit holders function as a many-in-one tool that best resembles a screwdriver. Some handled bit holders have storage within the handle to carry a full collection of bits, whereas others might have a small handle to facilitate use in tight spaces.

    Ratcheting Bit Holders - These bit holders contain a ratcheting mechanism built in to make fastening much easier for the user.

    Adaptors for a Ratchet - These function similarly to a ratcheting bit holder, only in this case the turning tool houses the ratcheting mechanism. These adaptors have two female ends, one to connect to the spanner's output drive, and one to accept bits.

    RS carries a wide range of different bit holders, including from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Use our side navigation to sort by brand, length, and type to find the right tool for your job.

    How to Use a Power Drill Bit Holder with a Power Drill

    Using a bit holder with a power tool like a power drill is a great way to save time and effort when on the job. If your job requires any screwing or fastening, using a power tool combined with a suitable bit holder can save you tons of time while also ensuring a better performance on the job.

    To use a bit holder with a power drill, first, you must insert the male end of the drill bit holder into the female end of the power tool. For added safety, make sure you tighten the grip on the power tool to ensure the bit stays in place while in use.

    Now that the holder is in place, users have a few options. One is the use the female end of the bit holder as the fastening head. Each holder will explicitly state the diameter and shape of the female end, so you can match the right holder up with the size of the fastening. Simply cover the fastening with the bit and press the trigger on the drill.

    The other option is to use the female end to receive bits, turning the drill into a glorified power screwdriver. Bits are available with different drive types, including hex, torx, slotted, and Phillips head. You can use the power drill to quickly attach two items with a screw much faster than you could ever do with just your hands.

    While using a power drill with a bit holder does increase speed and efficiency, it also is more risky to use. It is important to remember that using a power tool creates much more torque than a human could, meaning that some bit holders may not be suitable for use under that much torque. If you don't properly check the rating or manufacturer's instructions, you may end up breaking your tools while in use.

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