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    Needle Files

    A needle file is a small tool that is used for shaping, smoothing and finishing metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, stone or polymer clay. They come in different profiles: Round, Half Round, Barrette, Pillar (Flat), Warding, Knife, Crossing, Square, Oval, Slitting, Crochet and Three Square (Triangle).

    Needle files consist of cutting teeth. The cut is indicated on a scale ranging from 00 that is the coarsest, to 6 that is the finest. Each cut has a certain number of teeth per square centimetre.

    Where are Needle Files used?

    Consider using a needle file when you are designing, smoothing and finishing work on soft materials, wood, ceramic, plastic, glass or stone. Needle files are essentials when you need to carry out detailed and intricate work.

    • Smooth the edges of ceramic tiles and porcelain work
    • Shaping metal, wood or stone
    • Engraving details into materials
    • Smooth out scratches and tool marks on the metal
    • Reshape cut metal

    Who are Needle Files for?

    • Woodworkers
    • Metalworkers
    • Jewellers
    • Micro Engineers
    • Watchmakers

    How to use a Needle File?

    They need to be used to push action and in one direction. It is important that you follow this routine to achieve the desired results. A common mistake is to use then in sawing action, back and forth. This way the teeth of the file will round off and dull quickly, therefore, making the file unusable.

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