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    Metal Rules

    Rulers, also known as rules or scales, are devices used for measuring and calculating distances. They are typically rectangular and will typically have measuring markers for numerous types of units, including inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Most rulers will have markings for both Imperial and Metric units, with each marked on opposite lengths on the ruler.

    While some rulers for home and personal use might be made from hard plastic, most industrial settings rely on metal rulers for their added durability. Their metal composition makes them more reliable in industrial settings as metal is better suited to handle heavy-duty conditions or extreme elements.

    Whether you are measuring out small spaces on a circuit board or large lengths of wiring, you can rely on one of the many metal rulers we carry for accurate measurements. Shop our entire range of metal rulers and sort by overall length, unit type (Imperial, Metric, or both), and brand. It's never a bad idea to have a range of ruler sizes on hand so you aren't struggling to measure accurately.

    Steel Ruler

    Steel rulers are a type of metal ruler that is made from steel. Steel rulers are extremely durable and are the preferred choice for those working in industrial settings, though they are still quite commonly found in homes, schools, and offices. The three most common types of steel rulers are straight rulers, flexible rulers, and foldable rulers, each with its own benefits.

    Straight rulers are ideal when working with flat, rigid surfaces, as they do not bend or flex. In contrast, flexible rulers have a little flex that helps them form around a curved surface. This can help engineers measure a curve or arc without having to calculate the distance. Foldable metal rulers are rulers that fold out/in to increase or decrease the total length of the ruler. They provide maximum versatility when measuring many different-sized objects.

    Stainless Steel Ruler

    Stainless steel rulers provide the same function as normal steel rulers, however, they are made with stainless steel. Stainless steel is a little less strong and durable than regular steel but instead has anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties. This makes stainless steel rulers ideal for humid, moist, or wet settings, such as with plumbing, as they can get wet without the risk of rust forming.

    Aluminium Ruler

    Aluminium rulers also serve similar functions to steel rulers, but they are much less durable and thereby much less expensive. So long as your jobs do not require the strength and durability of a steel ruler, aluminium rulers are a more cost-effective and suitable choice.

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