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    Pin Punchs

    Pin punches are hand tools used for the removal of fastening pins, such as roll pins and parallel pins. Pins are one type of fastening that connects and align components through a centrally drilled hole. Pins are often used in machine or vehicle manufacturing for parts that involve discs or other round components.

    Pins function similarly to nails, in that they are hammered into place to secure various components and need special tools to extract them from their position. This is where pin punches come into play.

    To remove a pin, you need to use a pin punch and a hammer to drive the pin out of its position. To do this, you need to choose a pin punch with a drive that is the same diameter as the pin. Then, simply align the pin punch drive with the pin and hammer down on the punch handle to drive the pin out. Because you are driving downward force into the pin, you need to make sure the components you are working on are anchored to a sturdy base.

    Because pins come in a variety of types and sizes, pin punches will typically come in a set containing different sizes of punches. The most common type of set is a parallel pin punch set. Parallel pin punches have a sturdy hexagonal handle with a tapered, round-point tip, and are made from chrome-molybdenum steel for added strength and durability.

    Parallel pin punches are often used with dowel pins and roll pins, two types of fastenings that are commonly found in engine parts for small vehicles or pieces of motorized equipment. Dowel pins, much like dowel rods, are solid cylindrical pins that are designed to support and retain shape under lateral stress. Rolled pins are a piece of flat spring steel that has been rolled into a cylindrical shape with one end usually tapered a bit. Rolled pins lock different components together by slotting them into the holes of the different components and use the rolled steel's natural tendency to "unroll" to apply tension to the components.

    Having a set of parallel pin punches is essential for any mechanic or DIY enthusiast who wants to perform repairs without damaging the equipment. Fastening pins can be found in nearly every piece of machinery or vehicle, from lawn maintenance equipment to bicycles. The versatility of a pin punch set means that you will always have the right-sized punch for the job.

    Extra Long Roll Pin Punch

    Sometimes machinery or components that are joined together by roll pins are located in harder to reach places that require the use of a long roll pin punch to extract the pin. As the name suggests, extra long roll pin punches are pin punches designed to be used with roll pins that have a longer drive shaft. The extra bit of length helps users reach difficult pins with ease.

    Extra long roll pin punches are often made from sturdy steel with knurled steel handles for extra support. Because the drive shaft is a little longer, the shaft needs to be made of strong material in order to transfer the hammering force through to the pin without compromising the structural integrity of the tool.

    Extra long roll pin punches can be sold as individual tools or as part of a set, with sets containing punches with different drive diameters, typically from 4mm-12mm in diameter. RS Components carries both individual tools and pin punch sets, from leading international manufacturers and trusted brands.

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