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    Tag Fuses

    Fuses are safety devices used to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent or short circuits. Tag fuses are specifically designed for general industrial applications including power distribution, motor protection, and cable protection. Tag fuses can be easily identified by metal tags that protrude from the ends of the fuse body in either central or offset directions.

    RS offer an extensive range of high-quality fuse links from leading brands including Mersen, Bussmann, ABB, and of course RS PRO.

    What are the different types of tag fuse?

    Bolted Tag

    Bolted tag fuses are cylindrical type of fuse fitted with brackets at either end to bolt it onto a fuse holder. Bolted tag fuses mainly vary by their size and current rating, and these factors can differ quite widely. They can also differ by the fuse speed, voltage rating and tag orientation.

    Centred Tag

    Centred tag fuses are square or rectangular with a central blade or tag. The tag allows easy installation into an open fuse base. Centre tag fuses come in a range of fuse speeds, voltage rating and amperages.

    Offset Tag

    Offset tag fuses are a cylindrical fuse that features offset mounting tags at each end of the fuse. The tags can be solid or slotted. Offset fuses come in a range of fuse speeds, voltage ratings and amperages.

    Slotted Tag

    Slotted tag fuses are generally circular in shape but can be square bodied. They feature slotted tags that can be straight or offset. Slotted tag fuses come in a range of fuse speeds, voltage ratings and amperages.

    Fuse utilisation categories

    Our tag fuses come in a range of application categories to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Fuses are marked with letters that denote their characteristic or application. The first letter will be lower case, this indicates the breaking range. The second letter will be in upper case and indicates the characteristics.

    g stands for full breaking capacity

    a stands for partial range breaking capacity

    Our tag fuses include gG, gG, aM, gR, gM and many more.

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