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    Surge Protectors

    Surge protectors (also referred to as surge suppressors) help to protect equipment from voltage spikes. Surge protectors work by blocking or shorting to ground the current in, for instance, power distribution panels, process control systems and heavy industrial systems.

    Where are surge protectors used?

    Surge protectors are features in a wide range of domestic and industrial settings, providing a safe way for over-current to be grounded internally. Surge protectors can be found in a variety of electrical devices found around the home or office.

    Why use a surge protector?

    Surge protectors help to protect your electrical devices from brief power surges. Power surges can be caused by a wide range of things including lightning storms, power outages, faulty wiring and more. Utilising a surge protector will ensure than any power surge generated will be blocked, helping to protect your electrical device.

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