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    LED Prototyping Boards

    LED (Light Emitting Diode) prototyping boards are construction bases for making sample LED circuits.

    How do LED prototyping boards work?

    LED prototyping boards feature pre-drilled holes at standard intervals across a grid. This allows you to interconnect the various components you would need in an LED project. Most boards have several features that make them suitable for prototyping. Some of the common features include:

    • A bus power trace
    • prototyping area for drivers
    • locations for resistors to individually control LEDs.
    • Some boards even have additional prototyping areas for LED drivers or other components that may be required for an LED project.

    What are LED prototyping boards used for?

    As well as having different features, LED prototyping boards also come in a broad range of shapes and sizes designed to accommodate different numbers and types of LEDs.

    LED prototyping boards are used for experimenting with circuit design and creating temporary prototypes. They are popular with students and in technological education.

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