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    Anti Static Bags

    For versatile solutions to ESD protection, antistatic bags are a must-have. Able to shield items that need to retain their electrostatic discharge protection, these bags can protect any item that can fit inside them.

    There are many static-sensitive electronic components and devices that must be protected from electrostatic discharge to prevent disruption to their working. Therefore, antistatic packaging is a fantastic way of transporting an item outside of an ESD safe environment.

    How do They Work?

    Anti static bags come in two variants, those that are made with metallised film, and those that are made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The metallised versions are usually silver in colour, and the PET versions are normally coloured pink. Bags are usually branded with an ESD symbol to clarify their use.

    Metallised Bags

    Known as conducive antistatic bags, these operate by using a layer of conductive metal and a dielectric plastic layer. With a dissipative coating, these bags not only prevent static discharge from building up but also protect from contact with a static charge.

    PET Bags

    Also called dissipative anti static bags, these operate by having a dissipative coating. This coating prevents a static charge from building on the bag by dissipating the charge to the ground. However, these bags are not resistant to ESD, and will not protect the contents from meeting an item that is carrying a static charge.

    There are black versions of PET antistatic bags that contain a trace amount of carbon. This provides partial shielding from static electricity.

    Types of Anti Static Bag

    The RS range of Anti Static bags has various methods of sealing, from heat seal for long-term single-use storage, or reclosable flaps and zippers for convenient re-use. There are also bubble re-enforced bags and pouches to offer impact protection, as well as moisture barriers for added confidence in long-term storage.

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