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    Pneumatic Trolley Wheels

    Pneumatic trolley wheels are inflatable wheels used in a variety of large and small applications and can aid in the movement of objects with ease. Pneumatic trolley wheels come in a variety of sizes and are made from a range of durable materials for longer life and improved wear.

    Made up of a tyre and a central hub, pneumatic trolley wheels are available in a range of hardwearing materials such as rubber, polyurethane (PUR) and polypropylene with a range of durable and long-lasting centre hubs.

    Pneumatic wheels have an elasticity that is particularly suitable for high loads and capacities. They give a cushioned ride, making manual trucking easier. Being puncture-proof, they're ideal for heavy-duty applications and work well on difficult, rough or uneven surfaces like grass and gravel. A tyre with closed-cell construction will not absorb water, freeze or crack, making it ideal for extreme conditions, with no need for re-inflation.

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