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    DIN Rail Terminal Accessories

    DIN rail terminal accessories are supplementary components used together with DIN rail terminals for enhanced functionality. These accessories are commonly configured for use with various types of terminal blocks, including screw clamp terminal blocks, end stoppers, end bracket for use in CDK, CDU, CPE, and CTR, and more. Incorporating these accessories enable users to achieve greater efficiency, improve organisation, and make maintenance in industrial and commercial electrical systems easier.

    Types of DIN rail terminal accessories

    A range of DIN rail terminal accessories is available, including:

    • End and intermediate plates
    • Fixed bridges
    • Marker strips
    • Partition plates
    • Shield connectors
    • DIN rail test adapters
    • Jumper bars
    • Support plates
    • End sections
    • End Stops / Stopper
    • DIN rail mounting brackets
    • DIN rail angle brackets
    • DIN rail covers
    • DIN rail standoff brackets
    • DIN rail spacer

    How do DIN rail terminal accessories work?

    Each type of DIN rail accessory fulfils a unique function. End plates, for example, are designed to easily snap onto the DIN rail terminal to cover the exposed parts for added safety. End plates also help to prevent the terminal from dust, water or any other substances that may compromise their functionality.

    End brackets or clamps guarantee a reliable, permanent mounting on the DIN rail and prevent sliding. They are available in screw and non-screw versions.

    Jumper bars are used to connect consecutive and non-consecutive terminal blocks that are within the same spacing. They consist of metal tubes which make contact with the internal connector bar in the terminal block.

    End stops or stoppers are essential components used to secure terminal blocks on a DIN rail, preventing lateral movement and ensuring stability. They help maintain the organisation and integrity of the terminal block arrangement by keeping all components firmly in place.

    Mounting brackets are used to attach various electrical components securely to a DIN rail. These brackets provide a stable and reliable means of support, facilitating easy installation and maintenance of equipment within electrical panels or enclosures. Accessories like mounting plates and adapters are components leveraged to facilitate the attachment of various devices and equipment to a DIN rail using mounting brackets

    Angle brackets are designed to mount electrical components at a specific angle on a DIN rail, offering flexibility in positioning and orientation. They are ideal for applications where space constraints or specific mounting angles are required to optimise the layout of electrical systems.

    DIN rail covers are protective accessories used to protect terminal blocks and other components from dust, debris, and accidental contact.

    Standoff brackets are used to create space between the DIN rail and mounted components, allowing for better airflow and heat dissipation.

    DIN rail spacers are used to maintain a specific distance between terminal blocks or other components. They ensure proper spacing, which is crucial for effective heat dissipation, easy access, and preventing electrical interference between closely mounted components.

    Before using any of these DIN rail accessories, make sure you or your team follows safety protocols. Check out the workplace safety best practices to learn more.

    Buying DIN rail terminal accessories: Ordering & Delivery Information for Australia

    RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of DIN rail mounting brackets and accessories. We offer products from leading brands like RS PRO, ABB, Entrelec, Phoenix Contact, and Wago. On top of DIN rail accessories, we also offer various commercial and industrial products such as anti-vibration mounts, potentiometers, and more.

    How to Order

    Customers can order our DIN rail accessories online via the RS website or offline through telephone, email, or fax.

    Delivery Process for DIN rail accessories:

    • Place your order before 5 pm AEST Monday - Friday for next working day delivery of items stocked locally in Australia, with delivery between 8 am and 5 pm. Regional areas may experience extended lead times.
    • Orders placed after 5 pm on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.
    • Global Stock and Extended Range Products typically have delivery times of 5-10 working days.
    • Orders containing hazardous products, or those over 20 kg or 1.5 metres in length, have extended delivery times of 5-10 business days for Australian stock, up to 30 days for large or hazardous global stock, and up to 77 days for global stock lithium batteries.
    • Enjoy same-day delivery for orders placed from Monday to Friday before 11:45 am AEST for items stocked in Australia if you are located within the Sydney Metropolitan area.

    Know what we can do for you by visiting our services page. For more inquiries or concerns, please contact Customer Service or visit our Delivery page.

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