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    Industrial Power Connectors

    For power applications in industrial settings, RS offers a comprehensive range of industrial power connectors tailored to meet your requirements. Each connector provides superior electrical insulation and complies with relevant safety standards, ensuring a reliable and secure solution for powering tools and machinery with various voltage needs.

    These connectors are designed for easy assembly and feature a locking mating system that securely seals the connection, safeguarding against accidental disconnections. The RS selection includes both cable-mounted plugs and sockets, as well as wall-mounted appliance inlets.

    Here are various types of power connectors and common configurations available:

    • Electrical Plugs: Standard, 3-phase, and watertight plugs for diverse industrial environments.
    • Electrical Outlets: Single and multi-outlet configurations, including weatherproof and high-current options.
    • Appliance Inlets: Wall-mounted designs suitable for stationary equipment and machinery.
    • Cable Connectors: Quick-disconnect, push-pull, and screw-type connectors for flexible installation options.
    • Power Adapters: Adapters for converting between different connector types or adjusting for voltage variations.

    Difference Between Industrial vs Residential Plugs & Sockets

    Industrial and residential plugs and sockets are designed to meet very different requirements and are tailored to the environments in which they are used. Understanding these differences is crucial for selecting the right components for any application.

    Current Rating

    Industrial: Typically supports higher current ratings to handle heavier loads, often necessary in manufacturing and industrial settings.

    Residential: Lower current ratings suitable for household appliances and electronics.

    Voltage Rating

    Industrial: Higher voltage ratings to accommodate the increased power demands of industrial machinery.

    Residential: Standardised voltage suitable for home appliances and personal use.

    IP Rating (Ingress Protection)

    Industrial: Higher IP ratings to withstand harsh environments, protecting against dust, dirt, and moisture.

    Residential: Generally lower IP ratings, as these plugs and sockets are used in less demanding conditions.

    Phase Configuration

    Industrial: Often utilises 3-phase plugs and sockets to distribute loads and increase efficiency in power usage.

    Residential: Typically single-phase, sufficient for the everyday electrical needs of a home.

    Mounting Type

    Industrial: More robust mounting options, including flanged, panel, and bulkhead mounting, to endure the rigours of industrial environments.

    Residential: Simpler, often directly wall-mounted or portable.

    Colour Coding

    Industrial: Uses specific colour codes to indicate voltage levels and phases, crucial for safety and maintenance.

    Residential: Colour choices are usually for aesthetic considerations, fitting the decor and design of living spaces.

    Durability and Construction

    Industrial: Constructed to be more durable with materials capable of resisting extreme temperatures, vibrations, and impacts.

    Residential: Designed with standard durability sufficient for everyday use and minimal exposure to extreme conditions.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy to Assemble
    • A Range of Voltage Suitability
    • Secure Mating
    • Integrated Socket Dust Covers Available

    Applications of Industrial Power Connectors

    The RS range of industrial power plugs, sockets, and connectors provides robust and reliable solutions for a variety of demanding environments. These connectors are tailored for specific applications and feature enhancements like built-in dust covers and different IP ratings to ensure durability and safety.

    • High Particle Environments: Used in carpentry workshops for powering woodworking machines; the built-in dust covers protect against dust and debris. Ideal connectors for such environments include 3-pin industrial plug and socket configurations.
    • Outdoor Applications: IP67 rated for use on construction sites, ensuring resistance to water and dust, suitable for powering heavy machinery in open environments. Connectors like the 63 amp socket outlet and 3-phase industrial plug socket are commonly employed here.
    • Manufacturing Facilities: Deployed in automated production lines and with heavy industrial machinery, supporting high voltage and current requirements. Key products include the 16 amp industrial socket and 15 amp industrial plug, providing reliable power connections.
    • Chemical Processing Plants: Designed to resist corrosive substances, making them ideal for environments where chemical exposure is frequent. The 240v industrial socket and 32 amp industrial plug are examples of connectors suitable for these conditions.
    • Maritime and Offshore Applications: Utilised in ports, shipyards, and offshore platforms where robust and corrosion-resistant connectors are necessary to handle saltwater and extreme conditions. Suitable connectors include 20a and 3-phase industrial sockets options.
    • Agricultural Equipment: Applied in irrigation systems and farm machinery; these connectors effectively handle exposure to water, dirt, and diverse weather conditions. Products such as 240v 32a sockets and industrial 3-pin plugs are often chosen for their durability and efficiency.

    How to Order Industrial Power Connectors From RS

    RS is a distinguished provider and distributor of industrial power connectors, such as plugs, sockets, and power outlets, designed to cater to a broad range of industrial applications. Our extensive lineup includes premium brands such as RS PRO, Clipsal Electrical, Legrand, MENNEKES, and Scame, ensuring comprehensive options for all your connectivity needs.

    Delivery Information for Australia

    For efficient delivery of our industrial power plugs, sockets, and other products such as industrial PLCs and industrial connectors across Australia, we recommend placing your orders by 5 pm AEST on weekdays. RS provides next-business-day delivery for products available in our local inventory. However, please note that deliveries to some remote areas might take longer. To explore our full range of delivery services, which include expedited same-day delivery and options for consolidated shipments, please refer to our delivery information page for detailed guidance.

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