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    Sennheiser Headphones

    Sennheiser audio products and technologies are synonymous with exceptional quality sound, and the company's sector-leading range of high-end headphones are of course no exception. Even so, despite the brand's stellar worldwide reputation among discerning audiophiles, the Sennheiser headphones lineup includes an impressive number of highly affordable options.

    Why might you want to choose Sennheiser for your next pair of headphones?

    • As noted above, truly exceptional sound quality is everything here - as it rightly should be!
    • Sennheiser offer a range of superbly designed and crafted high-end headphones in a variety of styles, including on-ear (supra-aural), over-ear and in-ear models
    • Choose from open-backed on-ear models for a bright and colourful sound stage, in-ear versions with canal-fitting ergonomics for style and comfort on the go, or fully enclosed over-ear headsets for full immersion and deeper, more resonant tones with powerful bass response
    • Our Sennheiser headphone range also includes wireless kits, ideal for use when watching TV across a room, or when you don't want trailing wires getting tangled up when you're out and about
    • Expect sharp, finely honed frequency responses, high attenuation of ambient noise, class-leading comfort and broad compatibility with a wide range of phones, tables, TVs, computers and other devices

    Right down to the relatively budget end of the company catalogue, Sennheiser headphones and ear pods offer a huge step up in clarity, tonal warmth and all-round manufacturing quality over comparable entry-level models from less established manufacturers.

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