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    Cable Sleeves

    Cable sleeves, also known as wire sleeves, cable sheaths, and cable shielding sleeves, are versatile products used to manage and protect cables in various environments. These sleeves are available in multiple configurations to meet specific needs, including expandable and braided options. With different diameters, lengths, and colours, cable sleeves cater to various requirements, from residential setups to industrial applications.

    Key Configurations:

    • Expandable: Can stretch to accommodate multiple cables, providing flexibility and ease of installation.
    • Braided: Offers enhanced durability and protection against abrasion, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
    • Diameter: Various sizes to fit different cable thicknesses, ensuring a secure fit.
    • Length: Available in lengths suitable for both short and extensive cable runs.
    • Colour: Options like black, white, and custom colours for aesthetic or functional purposes, such as colour-coding.
    • Fire Behaviour: Meets fire safety standards, including flame retardancy.
    • Operating Temperature Range: Functions effectively within specific temperature ranges, ensuring reliability in different conditions.
    • Standards Met: Conforms to industry standards for melting temperature, flammability, abrasion resistance, and solvent resistance, guaranteeing performance and safety.

    What Is a Cable Sleeve?

    A cable sleeve, or sheathing, is a protective covering that shields cables from abrasive environments and to keep them organised. These sleeves can be flexible, solid, expandable, braided, or mesh and come in various materials, shapes, and sizes to suit different applications.

    What Is the Purpose of Cable Sleeves?

    The purpose of cable sleeves is to protect cables from damage and wear, organise multiple cables into a single bundle, prevent tangling, and improve both the safety and appearance of cable installations.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Cable Sleeves?

    • Improved Cable Management
    • Protection
    • Flexibility
    • Extended Cable Lifespan
    • Safety
    • Prevention of Interference
    • Aesthetics

    What Are the Types of Cable Sleeving?

    Several types of cable-sleeving materials are available, each with unique characteristics and benefits. Here are some common types of cable sleeving:

    PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate): PET sleeving is lightweight, flexible, and durable. It's expandable, making it suitable for bundling various cable sizes.

    Nylon: Nylon cable sleeving is known for its strength and abrasion resistance. It offers excellent protection for cables in rugged environments.

    Braided Sleeving: Braided sleeving is made by weaving fibres together to create a tubular structure. It provides good protection against abrasion and is expandable to accommodate different cable sizes.

    Heat Shrink Tubing: Unlike traditional cable sleeving, heat shrink tubing is often used to protect and insulate individual cables or wire bundles.

    Fabric: Fabric cable sleeving has a soft and tactile feel. It's often used for aesthetics, offering a more natural look than plastic-based options.

    Silicone: Silicone cable sleeving is heat-resistant and provides good insulation and protection against moisture and chemicals. It's commonly used in industrial and automotive applications.

    Metal Mesh: Metal mesh cable sleeving, usually stainless steel, provides high-level protection against abrasion and mechanical damage. It's often used in heavy-duty applications where cables are exposed to extreme conditions.

    Related Products & Tools for Cable Sleeves

    Explore other product areas related to cable sleeves:

    Heat Shrink Tubing: Provides protection and insulation for individual cables or wire bundles.

    Cable Sleeve Tools: Essential tools for installing and managing cable sleeves efficiently.

    Industrial Applications of Cable Sheathing

    Cable sheathing is vital in various industrial applications for protecting and organising cables. Here are some key examples:

    • Manufacturing: Protects cables from abrasion, chemicals, and damage, ensuring smooth operation of machinery.
    • Automotive: Bundles and protects wiring harnesses, offering resistance to heat, vibration, and chemicals in vehicles.
    • Aerospace: Shields electronic cables from EMI and damage, maintaining communication and navigation systems in aircraft.
    • Construction: Organises and protects cables for power tools and lighting on construction sites, enhancing safety.
    • Telecommunications: Protects data centre cables from interference and physical damage, ensuring reliable communication.
    • Oil and Gas: Provides robust protection for cables in harsh environments, ensuring reliable operation of equipment.
    • Marine: Protects cables from saltwater corrosion and UV exposure, maintaining systems on ships and offshore platforms.

    Buying Cable Sleeves: Ordering & Delivery Information for Australia

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