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    HDMI to DVI Cable

    HDMI to DVI cables are a type of video cable that feature a HDMI connector at one end and a DVI connector at the other. HDMI to DVI cables are the perfect solution for connecting devices such as a laptop to a wide screen HD TV, providing versatile entertainment solutions.

    Previously, home entertainment devices were only compatible with a specific type of connection such as DVI or HDMI. However, today there are endless options available to view your favourite television shows or movies so a HDMI to DVI cable is the ideal link. These types of cables allow DVI and HDMI compatible devices to work together, allowing video signals to be transferred between them.

    What are HDMI to DVI cables used with?

    HDMI to DVI cables are used with a wide range of devices, allowing multiple devices to be connected that otherwise wouldn’t have been compatible. Common devices HDMI to DVI cables are used with include:

    • Laptops
    • DVD players
    • Games consoles
    • Computers
    • Televisions
    • Home entertainment systems

    Do HDMI to DVI cables carry sound?

    As DVI cables only carry video signals, using a HDMI to DVI cable will not carry audio signals as well. If you require audio as well as video, a separate audio cable may be required.

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