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    DOL Starters

    Motor starters are devices used to control and protect electric motors. They manage the starting and stopping of motors, regulate their operation, and ensure efficient and safe functionality. Unlike simple relays that only switch power on or off, motor starters also provide crucial protection features such as thermal overcurrent protection, which prevents motor damage due to excessive current or overheating.

    The primary role of a motor starter is to handle the large initial current (known as the inrush current) that motors draw when they start. This current is typically many times greater than the motor's rated current, and direct exposure to it can damage both the motor and the electrical network to which it is connected. Motor starters carefully manage the application of initial power, often through a combination of contactors and overload protection devices.

    Contactors control the flow of electricity by physically closing and opening the electrical circuit, while overload relays protect the motor by breaking the circuit if the current exceeds safe levels.

    What are the Benefits of Motor Starters?

    Motor starters provide numerous advantages for operating engines and machinery:

    • Engine Starting: The primary function of a motor starter is to initiate the engine's ignition process.
    • Quick Startup: Motor starters enable rapid engine startup, allowing for the efficient and timely operation of the vehicle or machinery.
    • Versatility: Motor starters are compatible with various types of internal combustion engines, including gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel engines.
    • Reliability: Motor starters are designed to withstand demanding conditions and repeated use.
    • Safety Features: Motor starters often incorporate safety features to protect against potential hazards.
    • Energy Efficiency: Motor starters are designed to operate efficiently, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy with minimal power loss.
    • Compatibility with Control Systems: Motor starters can be integrated with control systems to enable remote starting or automated engine control.

    What are the Types of Motor Starters?

    Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starter

    The DOL starter is the simplest and most basic type of motor starter. It directly connects the motor to the power supply, providing full voltage during start-up. This type of starter is suitable for small motors with low starting currents and minimal load torque.

    Star-Delta Starter

    The star-delta starter is used for large induction motors. It employs a special switching mechanism to initially start the motor in a "star" configuration, which reduces the starting current, before switching to a "delta" configuration for normal operation.

    Soft Starter

    A soft starter gradually increases the voltage and current supplied to the motor during startup, reducing the impact on the electrical system. It provides a controlled and smooth acceleration, minimising mechanical and electrical stress.

    Reversing Starter

    Also known as a reversing motor starter, this is a type of motor starter that allows an electric motor to be operated in both forward and reverse directions. It provides the necessary control and switching functions to change the motor's rotation direction.

    Applications of Motor Starters?

    Motor starters are essential across various industries, providing power and reliability. Here’s how they are applied:

    • Automotive Vehicles: Starters crank engines to initiate combustion, critical for car operation.
    • Construction Equipment: Ensure heavy machinery like excavators start reliably. An example would be cranes using motor starters for heavy lifting.
    • Marine Engines: Crucial for starting engines that power propulsion and onboard systems like navigation and emergency pumps.
    • Agricultural Machinery: Motor starters are used in tractors and combine harvesters, facilitating efficient farming operations. For instance, they power irrigation systems critical for large-scale agriculture.
    • Industrial Engines: These starters drive engines that are integral to manufacturing processes, such as operating conveyor belts.
    • Recreational Vehicles: Starters in RVs ensure the engines start reliably, powering systems necessary for travel and comfort.
    • Lawn and Garden Equipment: Starters enable easy operation of garden tools, with ride-on mowers being a common example, helping maintain large landscapes efficiently.

    How to Order Motor Starters From RS?

    RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of high-quality motor starters, featuring a comprehensive selection from top brands like RS PRO, ABB, Schneider Electric, and Siemens. Our motor starters are engineered for reliable performance and longevity, meeting rigorous standards for efficiency and ease of integration into various systems.

    Business account customers who order motor starters online from RS enjoy free delivery on all orders over $40 (excluding GST), with a delivery fee of $10 for orders below this threshold. For private accounts and guest shoppers, delivery is free on orders over $80 (excluding GST), with a $12.95 delivery fee applicable to smaller orders.

    Delivery Information for Australia

    To ensure the prompt arrival of your motor starters, please place your orders by 5 pm AEST from Monday to Friday. We offer next working day delivery for items stocked locally, although delivery times may vary in some regional areas. For a detailed overview of all our delivery services, including special options like same-day delivery and consolidated shipments, please visit our delivery information page.

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