• RS Stock No. 162-3193
    • Manufacturer Sgos
    • Mfr. Part No. VS2RS SANS FER A SOUDER
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    Electronics tool case

    VS2R electronics case with 3 sections and a selection of 108 tools providing an excellent basic kit for electronics maintenance technicians.
    Also features a protected area for a soldering iron.

    Accessories: universal joint - 2 handles
    -ratchet-2 extensions
    Stripping pliers
    2 Polyethylene containers 1 Soldering pliers
    1 Pen holder 1 PCB test pliers
    1 Electrician's scissors 1 Straight tweezers
    6 Open-ended spanner, 3.2 → 13 mm 1 Cutter
    1 Adjustable spanner 1 Multigrip pliers
    8 Male spanner, 1.5 → 8 mm 1 Brush
    15 2.8 " → 3 // 8 " male spanner 1 Scriber
    2 Red and black branch cable 1 Desoldering pump
    1 2-blade electrician's knife 1 Rule
    13 Sockets, 3.2 mm → 13 mm 1 Adhesive tape
    Sockets, 3/16" → 9/16"
    Spring grip
    Dual power soldering iron
    Screwdrivers, 3.5 → 5.5 mm, insulated 1000 V
    2 Red and black wire clamp 2 Screwdrivers, 6.5 → 8 mm
    2 Metric and imperial feeler gauge set 2 Stubby, flat and crosshead screwdrivers
    Pen light
    Jeweller's screwdriver, 3 ends
    6 Files 2 Ph1 and Ph2 screwdrivers
    Flat and crosshead screw placement screwdrivers
    1 Flat pliers 1 Test screwdriver
    2 1 // 2 round straight and angled pliers 1 desoldering braid
      Dimensions: 520 x 390 x 170 mm    
      Weight: 7.8 kg    

    Electronics & IT Service Kits

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    Number of Pieces103
    Set ContentsAccessories: Universal Joint; Handles(2); Ratchet; Extensions(2); Polyethylene Containers(2); Pen Holder; Electricians Scissors; Open-Ended Spanner: 3.2-13 mm(6); Adjustable Spanner; Male Spanner: 1.5-8 mm(8); Male Spanner: 2.8-3/ 8 in(15); Red and Black Branch Cable(2); 2-Blade Electricians Knife; Sockets: 3.2-13 mm(13); Sockets: 3/16x9/16 in; Dual Power Soldering Iron; Red and Black Wire Clamp(2); Metric and Imperial Feeler Gauge Set(2); Pen Light; Files(6); Mirror; Flat Pliers; 1/2 Round Straight and Angled Pliers(2); Stripping Pliers; Soldering Pliers; PCB Test Pliers; Straight Tweezers; Cutter; Multigrip Pliers; Brush; Scriber; Desoldering Pump; Rule; Adhesive Tape; Spring Grip; Insulated 1000 V Screwdrivers: 3.5; 5.5 mm; Screwdrivers: 6.5; 8 mm; Screwdrivers: Stubby; Flat and Crosshead(2); Jewellers Screwdriver 3 Ends; Phillips Screwdrivers: PH1; PH2; Screw Placement Screwdrivers: Flat and Crosshead; Test screwdriver; Desoldering Braid
    Set TypeElectricians Tool Kit
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      This certificate confirms that the product detailed below complies with the specifications currently published by RS Components and has been subject to the quality conditions of our registration to the BS EN ISO9001:2008 management standard. Furthermore, where applicable, it provides assurance that all electrostatic discharge sensitive devices have been handled and packed under conditions that meet the administrative and technical requirements of the ANSI/ESD S20.20:2007 and the BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 electrostatic control standards.
      RS Stock No. 162-3193
      Manufacturer/Brand Name Sgos
      Mfr. Part No. VS2RS SANS FER A SOUDER
      The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below.
      Date Jul 1, 2015
      RS Components Pty Ltd ABN 73 009 403 356, 25 Pavesi St, Smithfield. NSW. 2164 (PO Box 6864, Wetherill Park. NSW. 1851)
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