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There are many ways to place your order online, we are here to help

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Improve purchasing efficiency with seamless system-to-system invoicing

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What is it?

A free paperless 'purchase to pay' solution that imports invoices directly into your accounts payable system.

  • Electronic system-to-system invoicing with additional PDF version
  • Can be fully and seamlessly integrated into the majority of accounting and ERP systems
  • Complies with legal and tax regulations
  • Free to set up
  • No hardware or software installation
  • Payment can be automated in line with your business rules and processes.
  • Should ideally be used in conjunction with electronic/automated purchasing processes to ensure accurate end-to-end data flows
  • Available in some markets for customers with high volumes of transactions with RS.

How does it help me?

  • Saves money: RS uses new technologies to help you drive down the cost of purchasing and reduce invoice processing costs
  • Reduces admin time: because your staff no longer need to check and enter invoices manually; instead, faster automated processes reduce invoicing time to minutes
  • Simplifies your systems: working alongside eProcurement, data only needs to be entered once
  • Reduces errors: eInvoicing cuts down processing and exception handling issues caused by incorrect data
  • Reduces payment delays: because there's an audit trail of the approval process, plus no more lost invoices or data entry errors
  • Increases visibility: thanks to its in-built audit trail and management reporting.

If you have eProcurement systems, eInvoicing makes the process complete. In fact, the more eSolutions you use, the more spend control, purchasing and sourcing savings you'll achieve.

To find out more about eInvoicing

Email us on: geapplicationsanz@rs-components.com