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There are many ways to place your order online, we are here to help.

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We will endeavour to reduce the cost of orders worth over $500

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Even if we don't stock it, we'll do our best to source it for you.

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Production Packaging

We supply parts in industry standard packaging types

Purchasing Manager

Manage your companies buying across multiple users with our system


There are many ways to place your order online, we are here to help

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Consolidated Monthly Summary

Summarise all your RS account actvity per month


Improve purchasing efficiency with seamless system-to-system invoicing

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Consolidated Monthly Summary

Consolidated Monthly Summary

You can streamline your invoice reconciliations

What is it?

An ideal service for customers who place a large number of transactions with RS, and would like to streamline their invoice reconciliation work on a monthly basis.

  • A single document shows all your RS transactions for the current month
  • Order summaries can be split by blanket order and cost centre – whatever suits you
  • Shows a simple assessment of your organisation's spending – either by department or by project
  • Your invoices can be attached or sent out individually

How does it help me?

  • Reduced administration costs: because invoice reconciliation can be completed at summary level, cutting down your resource requirements
  • More accurate budgeting: it provides a single document of all your RS purchase expenditure, helping you to control spending
  • Saves time: you set up the summaries to suit your processes, so you don't have to spend time cross-checking and adjusting figures.

To order a consolidated summary each month

Email: ozaccounts@rs-components.com

Phone: (02) 9681 8555