World Solar Challenge



The World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 km biennial race in Australia from Darwin to Adelaide, adds the spirit of competition to teams bettering the research on solar-powered cars. Some of the best young minds in the world collaborate to create electric cars powered either by the sun or with kinetic energy from the vehicle. In 2013, there was a total showing of 40 teams from 23 countries.

These teams create ground-breaking vehicles to adhere to the stringent regulations of the competition. In this many day event, each car is only allowed a maximum battery size of 5kW. Because of this, there is a clear emphasis and a true testament to the expertise used to both conserve energy while still maintaining good speed. To make things harder, teams are also only allowed one charge stop during the 2015 race to charge compared to the three allowed in the previous event. These challenges will add all the more innovation to the team’s car and strategy.

For 2015, RS Components is proud to sponsor the Sunswift Team, the University of New South Wales’ Solar Racing Team. Not only will they be participating in the World Solar Challenge, but they are also attempting to make their record-breaking car, Eve, street legal. Learn more about the Sunswift team and their car here.