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Monash Motorsport is a student-run organisation at Monash University who design, construct and compete with an open wheel, formula-style race car in the world's largest engineering design competition, Formula SAE. The team comprises of over 70 passionate engineering, industrial design and business students who strive not only to achieve success on a global platform but to also garner the respect of their peers and add value to the community. Through their participation in Monash Motorsport, our students gain valuable practical skills in their respective fields, enriching their university experience and equipping them with the knowledge that will allow them to prosper in their chosen career paths.

Monash Motorsport has a vision to be the most respected Formula SAE team in the world. To this end, the team has steadily improved in its performance since our inception in 2000. We have demonstrated consistent performances in both Australasian and European competitions, where the world's best teams meet. We have been ranked in the top ten worldwide since 2009 thanks to our 6 consecutive Australasian titles and numerous top 5 results in European competitions. This has been a result of a culture focussing on a strong understanding of engineering fundamentals, innovative concept developments and a passion to perform at our highest level.

In addition to performing on track, the team is constantly implementing new initiatives to better engage with industry and the wider community. Our InspiRACING program is one of our newest initiatives, where we encourage high school students from all backgrounds to study engineering, through a variety of workshops and hands-on activities. We also give presentations to engineering bodies and organisations, showcasing the capabilities of Australia's engineering graduates..


FSAE 2015 Results

Monash Motorsport has every reason to be celebrating right now, taking out their seventh consecutive Australasian title undeterred by the tough competition. Consisting of seventy-four students across a wide range of degrees, Monash University has competed in the Formula SAE-A competition since 2000. Monash's latest creation M15 showcased a brand new turbocharged KTM 500, a unique suspension layout and their most highly integrated aerodynamic package yet. Newly developed carbon fibre wheels helped make this Monash's lightest entry to date weighing in at 202kgs during inspection.

This year's win did not come without issues along the way, with the team's first delay in scrutineering having noise problems. In line for the autocross event the car refused to start, snapping the team into action but managing to get the car ready to start with three minutes to spare. First gremlins... then victory!

"We had a million electrical issues, gremlins" said Monash driver Ryan Ockerby. "Some we didn't actually find" "We couldn't slam on the throttle otherwise the car would just die". Nevertheless, the drivers persisted to snatch the win for the autocross event from University of Melbourne. Monash's Michael Geist deserves special mention for the fastest unofficial autocross lap time setting 1min 38.2s in the second session. One FSAE-A official stated "Jaws dropped to the table when we saw the lap time screen". Monash also received first place in the engineering design event with 150/150 available points; and a second placing in the endurance race behind University of Melbourne after a black flag in the second endurance race forced M15 off the track with a nasty oil and water leak. Laps run during the first endurance were good enough to hold the second placing from the remaining cars.

Monash closed the weekend with an outstanding 894.6 points. Congratulations to the 2015 Formula SAE-Australasia champions Monash Motorsport.


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Meet the team

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