The Adelaide University Motorsport Team

Adelaide University Motorsport Team is an entirely student run and operated project operating out of The University of Adelaide, South Australia. The team is composed of students from a range of different faculties, including engineering, business and design. The team was founded in 2001 and has competed annually in the Australasian FSAE competition every year since. This year's vehicle, ADL-15, stands to be the most challenging yet, as AUMT leaves the school of mechanical engineering to become an independent student organization. Continuing on with the second year of our two year design plan will allow us to concentrate our efforts on design optimisation and performance tuning. In early January we completed our design review, where we outlined our design goals in order to help us achieve our major goal to rank highly in the 2015 F-SAE Australasia competition.


High priority goals

Our highest priority design goal for 2015 is reliability. Unfortunately, late in the 2014 season we discovered some component flaws, some of which we had replacements or fixes for, and all of which cost us valuable vehicle testing and driver training time. In order to achieve a reliable car, we must first fix the components whose flaws we are aware of to get the car out to the track for some testing time. Our next most important design goal for this year is drivability, which includes both engine and suspension tuning, as well as tweaking some of the driver/car interface. Engine tuning will include a new intake, new exhaust secondaries and tailpipe, then some dyno time to optimise the fuel map and ignition timing. We will make full use of our fully adjustable wishbones for tuning our suspension setup, by dynamically testing the effect of camber, caster and toe on the vehicles handling characteristics.

Changes to improve on previous performances

Changes to the driver interface include repositioning and redesigning the gear shifter and its linkage, and repositioning the hand operated clutch lever to aid ease of use. Another major design goal is verification. Components which we intend to verify (measure and compare to design and analysis) include chassis torsional stiffness, dynamic wishbone loading and the aerodynamics package. Achieving each of these goals will allow us to dramatically improve on our previous year's competition performances.

FSAE 2015 Results

2015 has been a game changer for the University of Adelaide Motorsport Team. Moving off campus and now completely student run, the team's commitment has been second to none. AUMT presented ADL-15 to the competition proudly after establishing this car from four years of research and development. A finely tuned Yamaha R6 engine continues to power the 250kg race car this year which passed technical inspection a day early and also managed to pass the tilt, noise and brake tests well before the required time. Pleased with our efforts and thank you to all Unfortunately minor issues stopped ADL-15 in its tracks during the second autocross run and we were unable to complete a valid time. These same issues also showed up the in the following Endurance event leaving the University of Adelaide Motorsport Team sitting on the sidelines along with a few other teams. Although AUMT placed seventeenth overall with 358.8 points, they should be very pleased with their efforts and results taking into consideration the struggles the team endured throughout the competition. Concluding the event AUMT stated "We would like to thank our sponsors, family and friends, without whom this project would not be possible"


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Meet the team

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