LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology from Philips Lumileds

LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology from Philips Lumileds for LED lighting systems in retail applications

Offering benefits such as higher levels of durability and longer lifetime, digital controllability, and crucially less energy used over competitive technologies, solid-state LED technology is making significant progress in many markets and enabling greater energy efficiency in a wide range of lighting applications in particular.


Light Quality

Light quality has always been a supremely important factor in the choice of a lighting system in retail markets. Retailers have recognised the importance of in-store lighting and have a number of choices available for light sources that have a particular colour temperature and colour rendering. For example, while an appearance of warm light is very much desired for highlighting colours, there is still a preference for white to be very clearly white, and not off-white, creamy or yellowish in appearance. In an ideal world, retailers would have a combination of bright cool white together with warm saturated colours to allow merchandise to stand out.


CrispWhite Technology

Philips Lumileds has developed the all-new LUXEON CoB (Chip-on-Board) with CrispWhite Technology. This exciting addition to the LUXEON portfolio creates the most impactful retail lighting ever available, by revealing the richest whites, vibrant reds and colours that pop. LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology delivers the warm saturated colours of high 90CRI solutions while creating the natural crisp whiteness required of merchandise in retail shops. As part of the LUXEON CoB family, it benefits from its industry-leading small Light-Emitting Surface (LES) as well as its world-class low thermal resistance. It is ideal for its primary target market in retail, particularly for downlighting and spotlighting applications.



Ideal as replacements for CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal-halide) also known as CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lamps, the CoB arrays turn on instantly, making them highly suitable for retail lighting applications. Yet they can offer more than competitive CDM/CMH solutions: they deliver warm colours and highlight bright whites, but also deliver the classic advantages of LEDs such as energy saving and longer lifetime.

As part of Philips Lumileds’ LUXEON CoB family, the products benefit from its industry-leading low thermal resistance and small LES (Light-Emitting Surface) varying between 9 and 19mm across the range. While maintaining a high CRI of 92, these CrispWhite LEDs also enhance white perception with the addition of a second peak in the blue part of the visible spectrum at approximately 410 to 415nm (see figure 1). This activates the fluorescent whitening agents commonly used in many paints and fabrics, creating the optimal illumination for retail displays to appear brighter and more attractive.


Figure 1 – Colour spectrum of 3000K, 90 (minimum) CRI CrispWhite, integrated measurement


To deliver the performance of CDM/CDH lamps – which also feature a second blue peak in the spectrum – Philips Lumileds has ensured that all its CrispWhite Technology based products are available within a three-step MacAdam ellipse and below what is known as the Black Body Line (see figure 2). MacAdam ellipses refer to the region on a colour chromaticity diagram, which comprises all the colours that are indistinguishable to the average human eye from the colour at the centre of the ellipse.



Figure 2 – Three-step MacAdam ellipse colour bin definition (based on the CIE 1931 colour space)


LUXEON CoB CrispWhite arrays

The LUXEON CoB array CrispWhite products are available in multiple lumen packages –with efficacies of greater than 90 lumens per watt – from 800 lumens for MR16 and PAR lamps up to 7000 lumens, which can replace 70W and 100W CDM/CDH lamps.

Philips Lumileds expects that the LUXEON CoB CrispWhite arrays will deliver on average 70 per cent lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours of operation at nominal tested conditions. The LUXEON CoB CrispWhite Technology products are compliant to EU directives (RoHS and REACH) on the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic equipment.


The LUXEON CoB LED arrays with CrispWhite Technology are now available in stock at RS Components across Europe and Asia.