Office Supplies

Office supplies include consumables, electronics, furniture and more. Each office is a unique environment and has to be supplied with the right equipment. Some types of equipment are necessary for every office and others provide a better working environment in specific circumstances.


What to Expect in an Office?

An office environment can vary tremendously between one and the next. Some offices are very tidy, quiet places where people go about their business for 8 hours a day, interacting very little with one another during those hours. Other offices have a constant influx of clients and customers coming to visit, requiring a completely different environment. Some offices are very utilitarian in their look and others deliberately made to look as elegant as possible.

In some cases, offices serve multiple purposes. For instance, some offices double as meeting locations, in which cases accommodations might need to be made for presenters.

In any office, there are usually legal requirement that mandate that safety information, employee rights information and other legal information be posted in plain sight and in an accessible location. Some areas may need special signage, as well, such as those that are hazardous or restricted. Information that needs to be preserved because it is particularly important may require binding and lamination, which can be done with inexpensive and readily available office equipment.

Break room equipment might include devices for preparing drinks and meals.

An office should be safe, well appointed and practical. The right equipment helps to satisfy those goals.


What Types of Products Are Needed in an Office?

The products required in any given office greatly depend upon the industry in question and the type of work being done. Offices that function principally as business offices, where clients frequently come to visit, will have need for items such as magazine racks, comfortable furniture, art displays and so forth. Industrial offices may have no need for such creature comforts, but may need a great many notice boards, clocks and other equipment that’s used to convey vital information.

Office workers need products that help to keep them safe and comfortable. These products range from ergonomically designed chairs and other furniture that prevent repetitive stress injuries. Books and training materials should be available for safety purposes and to refresh workers in needed information regarding company policies.

Some specialized equipment is sometimes called for. For instance, if an office is frequently the site of large meetings, PA systems, microphones, lighting and other items may be needed. Presentation equipment, such as whiteboards and flip charts, may be called for, as well.


What Audio Equipment Is Used for in an Office? Which Products Are Available for Audio?

Some offices have needs that require sophisticated audio equipment. These include devices such as power amplifiers, mixers, compressors and other devices. These are typically employed during presentations and other special events.

Some of the equipment in this category is used to improve audio in a space. Testing equipment, for instance, can reveal whether nose levels are too high for safety purposes and whether measures need to be taken to reduce the levels overall. These are also used in situations where audio needs to be heard across a large space and the volume of a PA setup needs to be tested.


Which Products Are Available in the Form of Books and Training Materials?

Books and training manuals are generally kept in office spaces for general usage. They usually include guides to performing certain tasks, manuals that offer instructions with specific equipment and reference books that denote various standards. They may also include very specific information on a topic, such as instructions on how to program in a specific language.

DVDs and CDs are very popular as training materials, as well.


Which Role Do Clocks, Timers and Stopwatches play in an Office? Which Products Are Available?

Clocks, timers and stopwatches all perform veracious time keeping or tracking functions in an office. The most obvious application is simply displaying the current time to anyone who’s interested. Other uses, however, include recording the time spent on a given project, which is important for some types of contractors and other operations. Stopwatches allow users to record how much time they spend on something. Timers allow users to set a time and limit an activity based on the timer expiring.

Most of these products are digital today, though analog clocks are very popular as they make it easy to visually assess what time it is, how much time in left in an hour and so forth. They’re also popular for aesthetic reasons.


Which Products Are Available for Food and Beverage Preparation?

Food and beverage preparation products are generally kept in office break rooms so that employees can cook their own food. They include coffee pots, water coolers and other devices that are used by employees throughout the day to keep themselves going. Some offices have microwaves and stoves, while some do not.


Which Furniture and Desk Accessories Are Needed in an Office?

Furniture and desk accessories range from the aesthetic and convenient to the absolutely necessary. For some employees, for instance, back supports can prevent back strain, which can result in lost days at work. Chairs are another area where businesses need to spend enough to keep their employees safe.

Practical accessories include fire storage boxes and storage units, pencil and pen holders, laptop stands, drawers for keyboards and more. Accessories that are purely aesthetic but which add a lot to offices include displays for artwork and literature, magazine racks and other attractive and functional furniture.


What Is Labeling, Binding and Laminating? Which Products Are Available?

Labeling, binding and laminating are used to identify and preserve printed materials in office settings.

Labeling can be done with simple adhesives labels that are attacked to documents and other materials.

Laminating is easily done in the office, usually with no heat required. Many different products available make it very easy to do. Some plastic protectors for documents are envelope style devices that only require the paper to be slipped in.

Binding is done with combs, covers and machines. The machines prepare the paper documents to be bound and insert the combs. The covers are heavy enough to provide protection and to keep the items bound within them flat. They can greatly increase the longevity of printed documents. They are also idea for reports or other documents that need to be presented in a professional manner.


Which Role Do Microphones and Headphones Play in an Office? What Are they Used For?

Microphones and headphones can be used for purposes ranging from communication to dictation to simple entertainment.

Microphones are available in many different designs. Some are designed to be stationed on a desktop, such as paging microphones. Others are part of headsets that make it easier for receptionists to answer phones.

An increasing number of microphones are wireless. Lavaliere microphones with wireless technology, for instance, allow presenters to be clearly heard and understood by an audience without an instructive microphone being visible. In some cases, however, microphones with stands might be called for. Gooseneck microphones provide an easy way to position them. Some microphones are designed to be used by multiple speakers at the same time.

Headphones provide a way for people to hear better in noisy environments. They may be used for any purpose where clear audio is called for but where the environment is not conducive to it.


What Are Notice Boards, Wall Planners and Posters? What Are they Used for in an Office?

Notice boards are a form of signage that can be easily changed and updated as needed. They are commonly used to display vital information to employees and, quite frequently, they are used to display a variety of related information, such as policy information and so forth.

Wall planners provide a fast, visual way to share information among employees. They provide a centralized area to get information, as well, which can help to do everything from schedule meetings to scheduling holidays.

Posters are used to display information that does not need to be changed or updated on a regular basis. For instance, legal information is commonly displayed on posters for the benefit of employees. Safety information may also be displayed on posters, making it easy for people to use them as a quick reference if they have basic questions.


Which Products Are Available for Package Strapping, Sealing and Opening?

An enormous amount of different equipment is used for packaging purposes. Different types of packages need to be secured in different ways. Strapping provides a very tough, reliable way to close up a package. Sealing packages is sometimes necessary, particularly if they have to be verified as unopened upon receipt. Heat sealers are often used for these purposes.

Simple packages may be able to be tied or wired shut. For large loads, pallets are used, with wrap and wrap dispensers being used to secure items.

Opening tools include box cutters, changeable blade knives that are sized so that they’re convenient to work with for these purposes. They are usually very compact and the blades retract, in many cases, for safety’s sake.


What Are Paper Supplies? Which Products Are Available in this Category?

Paper supplies include everything from printer paper to filing folders. They also include the accessories that go along with them.

Envelopes, notepads, sticky notes and more all fit into this category. The accessories that are used with them include shredders, staplers, hold punches, guillotines and more. While offices have increasingly moved toward electronic documents rather than paper ounces, high-quality paper products are still required in most office and industrial settings, particularly for record keeping purposes.


What Are Presentation Tools?

Presentation tools provide an easy way to share information at meetings, conferences and other gatherings. They include very basic supplies that have never lost their usefulness, such as flip charges. Laser pointers and other types of printers are also included among these supplies.


Which Role Do Speakers Play in an Office?

Speakers can play many roles in an office setting. They are commonly used to provide communications, such as over an intercom. They can also be used to provide music for entertainment. Speakers are frequently used to amplify the voice of speakers when they are giving presentations.

Some speakers are merely used to provide better audio from computers.


What Is Video and Visuals Equipment Used for in an Office? What Types of Products Are Available in this Category?

Video and visuals are vitally important in office settings. Videos are used extensively for training and orientation purposes, for instance.

When videos need to be seen by many people can be routed through projectors. These can be mounted to walls and ceilings, providing a permanent installation. Video tapes are sometimes used as media, though DVDs are more common. For recording, however, video tapes are still commonly employed.


What Are White Boards? Which White Board Accessories Exist?

White boards are the modern equivalent of blackboards. They allow the use of erasable color markers that can provide easier to read information to an audience. They are also far cleaner than blackboards, not requiring that chalk be used in any regard.

Whiteboards sometimes do need a more extensive than usual cleaning. There are cleaners available that can restore whiteboards to their original clean look. There are also holders for pens that can be used to keep a lot of different markers in convenient reach and there are magnets that can be used directly on the whiteboard to display printed or other types of information.


What Type of Writing and Drawing Instruments Exist?

Writing and drawing instruments range from simple markers and pencils to very sophisticated pens used in drafting. Some pen designs can be refilled and ink refills are widely available. Other pens are simply disposed of after use.

Drawing instruments include devices that make it easy to create complex shapes. They include curves and angles and other devices that allow for a great deal of precision. These are used by drafters, but are also used for artistic purposes. Stencils provide an easy way to get consistent lettering for labels and other applications.